Saturday, October 16, 2010

So Much for Helpful and Cooperative

I mowed the lawn today. It's been a very long time-- about 13 years, in fact, since I mowed a lawn. My lawnmower was difficult to start, so I was determined to keep it running until I had completed the job. Daughter refused to mow, but helped with some trimming, and then disappeared into the house. I was not thrilled. I was trying to figure out how to find out what she was doing, and remember I had my cell phone in my pocket. I called her cell, which was turned off. It took two phone calls to the house before she picked up and reluctantly came back outside to trim in the backyard. I had left the refrigerator unlocked, so I was concerned about her being unsupervised in the house. Her blood sugar was mysteriously high at supper time. She was irate when I asked what she had been into. I don't know what she got into, but I'm fairly confident she was into something.
After eating a loaded baked potato, she wanted a large apple and peanut butter. I told her she could have a small apple without peanut butter, but she'd need to take additional insulin to cover the carbs. She wasn't happy, and decided she didn't want anything. She commented that she guessed she'd have to get used to eating less. I don't think I had any concept of the amount of extra food she was getting into. She should lose some of the weight she's put on relatively quickly if her food take is reduced that much.
I'm still not trying to finish the basement or garage as I allow my neck and shoulder time to heal. It was still a productive day. In addition to mowing the lawn I made a big pot of potato soup. I am coming down with a cold. I guess the stress has migrated from my shoulder to my head. It's nice to live so close to stores-- I'm going to drive over to get some cold medicine so I can sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

You're mowing the lawn after having agonizing pain in your shoulder? You've got a strong young lady who could do that for you. I guess it seemed like a better option to snack on forbidden goodies than to help her mother.

Reverend Mom said...

I know-- I tried to convince her to take a turn but no go. If I had insisted she do it, she would have intentionally messied it up. I was pleased that it didn't bother my shoulder at all. I was prepared to stop.