Monday, November 1, 2010


Daughter's new Case Manager called this morning, and she is coming to meet with us at noon tomorrow. When I got off the phone, I told Daughter what was happening, and she burst into tears. She insisted she wasn't ready for this and needed two weeks. I was shocked by her reaction, and offered her some comfort. I wondered how I could have so completely misread her desire to get started in a program. After some hugs and reassurance, she returned to the table in the corner of my office. I returned to my work.
It wasn't long before she informed me that she couldn't wait until noon tomorrow, she wanted to meet with Case Manager today. "Let's storm her office!" She then sat down and begin writing out a list of questions. The first three are focused on money and hours. She wants a job and wants to earn money. The fourth question is about her diabetes. "I want to control my meter, but I want them to hide the insulin and the supplies to treat low blood sugars."
It was an interesting glimpse into how conflicted she is about things. It must be hard, living in her head.

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