Friday, November 19, 2010

The End of the Story

So yesterday I wrote about the preventive measures I had taken to keep Daughter in her program all day. She made it through the day without calling me. When I picked her up, she was sobbing. How much was real and how much was being dramatic I'm not sure. Apparently she didn't get to go to the stables yesterday to work with the horses like she wanted to, and she felt she wasn't being heard and her concerns were not taken seriously. I told her she has a voice and I'm confident she will work it out on Monday.
I had a BOGO coupon for a restaurant, so that was where we went for supper. It was the first time we've eaten at this chain since we moved to Capital. It was the closest chain to us in Tiny Village (12 miles away), so we ate there relatively frequently. We went to the super discount store behind it, which I had also avoided since the move, for similar reasons. I have found though, that they have the best selection of store brand (inexpensive) sugar free drink mix.
After stopping at a variety of stores, we went to the church for choir. Daughter fell asleep while waiting for her choir. I think she was exhausted. I got the sermon outlined and PowerPoint started for Sunday morning. Today Sister Best Friend and Husband came. SBF and I worked on worship plans while H took on a couple of projects for me. This afternoon we all went to see the new Harry Potter movie. I'd purchased the tickets online yesterday.
Sunday I am officially installed as the pastor of the church. Far Away Sister and her family and Sister will be here for morning worship. They will come here for lunch after the service. Brother and his wife will come for the installation service in the afternoon. They probably won't come to the house, as there will be a supper at the church following the installation. It will be a long day. It has been a lot of work and a lot of stress, and I'll be very grateful when it is over.


maeve said...

I'm sure your Sunday will go well. This is the perfect place for you and DD.

Keep us posted as you progress in your work.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Maeve.