Monday, November 29, 2010


Yesterday a number of people asked about Daughter yesterday. When I told the man who was giving us basketball tickets that I couldn't take them and why, he shared that his sister had adopted a special needs child. One of the women sent me a note on facebook today, wondering if things were any better. She was concerned and had been thinking about us. The first woman who volunteered to come stay with Daughter during worship told me to put her at the top of a list of people who would come stay with her when she refused to go to church. She also told me I was right about her need for supervision-- Daughter had tried to ride her bike to the church, but decided it was too cold.
Several people stopped by the church today, and all asked about Daughter. In Tiny Village, I often felt like there was judgment in their questions. Many did not approve of my parenting. They did not understand her issues. They believed that love was enough. Here, the people have more experience and a better understanding of the challenges. They recognize the challenges Daughter has, and are eager to offer support and resources. Two women are taking Daughter on outings this week. She will go to the park to walk a dog with a member on Friday morning, and Friday afternoon a member will take her to a movie. The movie will include a lecture on listening to me. She wanted to take her Friday so I could get a break from her on my day off. I'm truly blessed.

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