Monday, November 29, 2010


I took some time to snuggle with Daughter this evening. I decided that a little concentrated attention from me might prevent problems. That was my hope, anyway. She got up and asked me if she could get some of her sugar free drink out of the refrigerator. I had my back to the kitchen, so I told her yes, and turned around to watch her. She went ballistic. When she finally calmed down, I suggested she had reacted because she'd been caught, and she had intended to get out more than her sugar free drink. She acknowledged I was right.
It was a struggle to get her up this morning, but she was up and dressed in time for me to make it to my 7:00 dental appointment. I think she had a good day. She was chipper when she called me, but sullen when she got in the car and saw that I was on the phone. One downside of life here in Capital is I don't have long drives on country roads during which I can talk to my Sisters.

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