Monday, November 1, 2010


Daughter decided she didn't want to work when we got home today. We had stopped at the store to get her an itunes card she wanted and to get things to make one of her favorite meals for supper. She was mad because I wouldn't take her out to eat for lunch or supper today. I gave her a list of chores, and she sat and watched me work. I told her she had to get off the computer, and she yelled at me. I went into a commentary that was heavy with sarcasm about how right she was to refuse work, since she had worked all day while I did nothing. I talked about how I never worked as I cooked supper and cleaned the kitchen. I heard about how I don't understand her. I was told where I could go. I was told I wasn't helping her and didn't care.
I discovered she'd lied to me about her blood sugars all day, telling me she was low when she was actually high. Then she complained that her blood sugars were too high. Well, if I don't know what your blood sugars are, I can't give you the extra insulin you need to bring them back into range.

Finally, I gave up. I went silent. She started telling me to get off of her, and I wasn't saying anything. She got mad and told me to get away from her. I wasn't near her, but I took the hint and retreated to the guest room/study to sew on some buttons. I locked myself in there. She didn't like that, either. She told me it was safe to come out, and she sat back down to watch me work. I started doing her jobs. She retreated to her bedroom where she threw rocks at her walls. She chipped the paint and dented the walls.
She finally went to bed. She got up a little while ago to get her pills and insulin. I'm exhausted. I hope we can get her into an appropriate program very soon. We both need a break from each other. We've been together 24/7 for over 5 weeks. The Case Manager will be here at noon tomorrow. I hope she brings good news.

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