Thursday, November 18, 2010


Daughter pretty much picked up where she left off last night, informing me that she couldn't go to her program today because she didn't feel good and she was being harassed and she wasn't safe there and her period had started and she needed to be with me and.... I told her she was going. As we were driving to the church I said, "I have a suggestion. If you want to spend more time with me you need to be nice to me."
As I sat here contemplating our conversation and our schedule, I realized Daughter was setting things up so I'd have to come get her. On the way over to her program, I said, "Here's the scoop. We aren't coming back to the church after I pick you up because we have some shopping to do-- nothing for you, but other things. If you don't call me today to tell me your dying and I have to come get you, I will take you out to supper before we go back to the church for choir. If you do call and bug me, we'll go home and eat peanut butter and jelly for supper." In a very small voice, she said, "Okay."
She began crying, and told me how sorry she is and that she doesn't mean to hurt me. She tried to tell me she can't help it, but I didn't buy that. It was a good conversation, and maybe after we have it 1,246 more times, she'll follow through on it.
I'll be picking her up in an hour, and she hasn't called me yet today. I'm pleased.

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