Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Team

I had a breakfast meeting this morning, so I dropped Daughter off with some members. She had a good time playing with their dog, and I've been assured she can come any time. She will be back at her program tomorrow, but Tuesday and Friday she will be with me for now. She had an appointment at the mental health clinic this afternoon to get started with a new psychiatrist. This is the same agency that has placed her in a program, so the team was there for her appointment, Daughter, Case Manager, Program Director, and me. CM had all her records and was able to pull information out for the doctor. He's continuing her meds, and after he sees what labs the family doctor ordered, will order more blood work to check on things. I liked him. Daughter had a hard time, and spent much of the appointment with her head in my lap. At one point she sat up and demanded confidentiality and said, "I'm not straight with doctors." He said, "Well, that's certainly straight." She had relaxed some and was more involved by the end.
This evening she came out of her room sobbing, telling me she was hearing voices and they were telling her to do things she didn't want to do. I comforted her, and suggested she was afraid she was going to her voices because we'd been talking about that with the Psychiatrist. I told her to put her ipod on to Christian music and to go finish making her bed. She did, and that seemed to solve the problem-- at least for now.
It's nice to have everything with one agency, and know that she has a team working for her. I really like the team. Program Director told me that she and Case Manager had been talking about the phenomenal job I'm doing with her. I was pleased that professionals whom I respect recognize my expertise. I remember in the early days, when I was trying to get services for her. I was seen as the problem-- she was a normal child being made crazy by her mother. I'm so grateful those days are behind us.
She has been assigned a nurse who will go train the people in her program about diabetes. It looks like the program will be moving to the church until their new building is ready-- probably at the end of December. I have lunch appointments both tomorrow and Thursday, and both days I will be Daughter's transportation service to the program. I'm way too busy and enjoying every minute of it. Now I'm off to bed-- the long days are catching up with me.

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