Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Call from Camp

I received a call from Health Officer at camp yesterday evening. She was a little frantic. Daughter had just checked her blood sugar and it was over 400. The meter was reminding them to check for ketones. Daughter had assured HO that the meter is never wrong. I suggested she have Daughter wash her hands and recheck. She did. It was a miracle! Her blood sugar dropped 300 points!
This camp experience is almost twice as long as the first, and I think Daughter is getting a bit homesick. Daughter called me after the second check. She was very happy to talk to me, and wanted to to know if she could the braids out of her hair. I knew she'd want to take them out before the end of the week. I told her to leave them in and reminded her that she didn't have a brush. I think she's doing pretty well. There weren't as many pictures posted of her today, but there was one of her doing archery. I'm glad I wasn't there to see that (or be a target!)

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