Monday, June 27, 2011


Daughter asked me Saturday night to braid her hair for camp. She explained that she wanted lots of braids so she could leave them in all week. She told me she hadn't been doing a good job of taking care of her hair. The only problem with the plan was that it was her bedtime and we didn't have little rubber bands.
Since her request and reasoning were reasonable (though I wish she'd mentioned it earlier), we stopped and bought little rubber bands after church and I spent an hour braiding her hair. The braids aren't perfect. They are not evenly sized and distributed. Some should be smaller. I missed a few strands of hair. But her hair is in braids, and she wore a headband pulling the braids back off her face.
I discovered that the arthritis in my hands makes braiding more challenging. I don't like dealing with little rubber bands. With her hair shorter, it doesn't take as much time as it did when her hair was long. Most importantly, though, I discovered I can still braid. I threatened her, telling her that if she wanted me to pick her up next week, she'd best leave all those braids in her hair. She didn't take a brush, so hopefully her head will still be covered in braids when I get there Sunday.

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