Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crazy Day

I started the day with a doctor's appointment. I need to do a better job of taking care of my health. I go back in a month, and hopefully some things will have improved in that time. I go for blood work tomorrow morning. I need to rethink how I structure my time. I can't keep up the current pace long term and be healthy.
When I got to the church there were a number of people needing time with me. Had a lunch meeting to plan worship and a picnic that involves 4 area churches. Then I went to the hospital to see a woman who had bypass surgery Monday. She is still heavily sedated and on a ventilator, so it was a brief visit. I spoke to her, said a prayer with her, and left.
There were more pictures of Daughter having fun posted this morning. It's so good to see her happy and relaxed at camp. Now I'm going to go home to do a few things before coming back for a meeting this evening. I'm supposed to go spend tomorrow evening with Sister, but am pondering whether I can take the time. I guess taking the time is part of shifting my priorities and taking care of myself. We'll see.
As nice as it is to have Daughter off at camp, not having her here really does throw off my routine. Yes, I miss her-- at least a little.

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