Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brain Flares

One of the saints was in talking to me today. T's discouraged because he is beginning to realize that things aren't going to change overnight, and there is going to be some resistance. He is so excited and optimistic about the future, he can't understand why the entire congregation doesn't feel the same way. I listened and encouraged, and explained some about the challenges of bringing transformation to churches. He's just beginning to realize how complicated churches are. As we were talking, I began to get ideas. Administrative Assistant has compared my brain to the sun. The sun has solar flares, I have brain flares, with ideas popping out all over the place at unexpected times. I told T he was triggering brain flares, and he apologized. I told him it was Administrative Assistant who needs the apology. We walked out of my study together and as we were walking by AA's office, I told her, "It's T's fault!" He left the church before I could explain or AA could ask any questions. Then I went into AA's office and told her I was having brain flares again and was going to give her several additional articles for the newsletter. "Oh, that's what's T's fault!" She's going to have a talk with him about why brain flares newsletter week are not a good thing....

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