Monday, June 20, 2011

The Monthly Battle

Once again it was time to get Daughter's prescriptions filled. Last month the battle was over whether her medicaid plan would cover the needles for her insulin pens when she didn't need a refill on the pens.
This month I went in, and once again some of the 15 prescriptions I was picking up were more expensive than they should have been. It turns out the pharmacy didn't bill her medicaid plan for some of them, but just billed my insurance. They were going to have to run several of them through again. I had already waited in line for an extended period of time, so I told them I'd come back on my way to my evening meeting to pick them up.
When I went back, there was only one of the prescriptions that was still coming in too high. Her medicaid plan said they didn't cover it. Her psychiatrist's office called and got prior authorization so they would cover it. I decided to just pay the $13. I don't have the energy to fight the battle this month. Maybe next time.

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