Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making up for a Good Day

My goodness was Daughter oppositional yesterday evening. She is going to camp tomorrow, and realizing that, her anxiety level went sky high. She complained about everything. She told me flat out she wasn't going to camp. She informed me that she needed new clothes for camp. Suddenly she only has one pair of jeans and one t-shirt (which I bought her yesterday) that fit. I worked real hard at not reacting, and she did make that a challenge.

Every protest just underlined my need for her to go to camp and give me a break. I have some concerns about this, too. It's not easy trusting strangers with the care of her diabetes. This is the second year they've done an adult special needs camp, so my hope is that they made all their mistakes last year. In fact, this year they're doing 2 camps, since last year's was so popular. The second camp is the week of the conference we attend, so she's going to this one, which I believe is the first camp of their season. It's less than 90 minutes from here, and I'm sure once she gets there she'll have a good time. She went to diabetes camp when she was 14, and had a great time. She didn't shower, so she was fairly ripe when I picked her up, but she was quite upset when she couldn't go the following year because of a broken ankle.

Today we will be doing laundry and packing. We'll leave her before 8:00 tomorrow morning to get there. I've sent them detailed information about the care and feeding of Daughter. Now I get to trust that she'll have a great week. I'm looking forward to finding out what it's like to live without locking up the food....

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