Saturday, June 18, 2011


Guilt and remorse are uncomfortable feelings. They aren't feelings you want to stay with very long. Daughter gets rid of them by getting mad. It's all my fault.

  • I shouldn't have moved her from her real home in Tiny Village. That is why she took money from me, because I took her away from her real home.
  • She's 24 years old, and she shouldn't have to live under my roof. She shouldn't have to listen to me, and she's not going to any more.
  • I don't understand her. That's why she got in trouble.
  • She needs to get on FaceBook and talk to her friends. How can I expect her to do any work when she needs to talk to her friends?
You get the idea. When she's not telling me how terrible I am, she's sleeping. I've mowed the lawn and done laundry. She's yelled and slept. In a few minutes she's going to demand to know what's for supper. I've also fixed breakfast for her. She didn't get up until 11:00, so it was breakfast and lunch.

It's too bad she has such a terrible mother. If she could be free of me, all her problems would be solved.

Sometimes I get tired of being the target. Really tired.

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