Saturday, June 11, 2011

Signing up for Another Week

I have the registration form beside me and will put it in the mail on Monday. Daughter will go back to camp on June 26, and I will pick her up to go to our conference a couple of hours before the camp officially ends on July 3. She is very excited. The picture is another one from camp. I loaded all the camp pictures onto FaceBook, and a friend commented that she'd never seen Daughter so happy and relaxed. She is obviously having a good time in all of the camp pictures, and she's in a lot of them.

She did a good job cleaning the kitchen, so I took her shopping today, and she got 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tops, and a dress. She was pleased.

I'm looking forward to another week's break. I had purchased 2 tickets for an Independence Day extravaganza on June 30, so I'm trying to think of someone else who would like to go with me, since Daughter will be at camp. I'll be going with Sister and Short Niece, but company for the drive over and back would be nice.... Even if I make the drive alone, I'm sure I'll enjoy the evening. Now I need to go finalize worship plans for tomorrow.

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