Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Fruits of the Spirit

This morning Daughter asked me to take her shopping. Not wanting to go, I told her if she cleaned the kitchen, I'd take her. The kitchen has been neglected lately. She looked at the mess and held out her hand for me to shake, "Deal." I still wasn't worried. Now, it looks like I'm going to be taking her shopping. She is doing an amazing job, going beyond cleaning to reorganizing things. She asked if she could listen to music while she did it. I agreed. Every so often I have to go check her progress, which truly is amazing.

I said, "I think you learned you could be responsible this week at camp."

"Mom, Goodness and Kindness and Faithfulness equals Respectfulness and Responsibility." She said this as if speaking to someone who is very dense. I asked her to repeat it. "We learned that at camp this week. We talked about the fruits of the spirit." My eyes filled with tears. I went to get some socks to put on so I could take her shopping.

I looked at the camp website again this morning, and then emailed the director who wants her back so badly. There is a high school camp that begins on June 26th, and ends at 4:30 on July 3rd. We are supposed to be 3 hours south of the camp that evening for our conference. Registration for the conference begins at 4:00, and supper is at 6:00. I want to be there early enough to get my classroom set up before supper. So, I asked if it would work for me to pick her up about 1:00. I would have to do her laundry while we're at the conference, but I can make it work.
I hope I can create an environment in which she can thrive as much as she did at camp. Another week at camp to reinforce those learnings can only help. Today, I am grateful, and enjoying the fruits of the Spirit in Daughter's life.

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