Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day of Lows

Daughter had several low blood sugars yesterday. I find myself playing the guessing game again as I try to figure out what is behind them: Did I mess up her long acting insulin Tuesday night and give her too much? Did I miscalculate the carbs in her food? Did she somehow manage to sneak extra insulin? Are her insulin needs dropping?
She doesn't have these days very often since I tightened up control of the insulin. She called me about 3:30 yesterday to tell her blood sugar was low. She was hoping I'd come get her. I assured her she'd be fine, and suggested she eat an extra package of crackers before she got on the bus at 4:00. Her blood sugar was on the low end of the normal range when she got home.
She was diagnosed 11 years ago. Since she's been diagnosed, I've been hearing that there will be a cure in 5 years. We're still waiting.

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