Monday, June 20, 2011


My goal is to walk in a 5k event at the end of July, so I have been working on doing more. I have decided I want to work towards walking the 2 miles to the church in the morning, and then walking home at lunch time to eat and pick up the car for afternoon commitments. I drove to the church this morning, and then after I got here I went out and walked 2 miles. I won't be able to walk to church tomorrow, as the schedule and location of my commitments is too tight to take the time to walk home mid-day. The forecast doesn't look promising, either.
I think I'm going to talk to Daughter about my goals, and explain how I'm working to reach them gradually. I'll suggest that she needs to do the same thing if she wants to reach her goal of living independently. Maybe we can make charts for our respective goals, and compare our progress. We've had similar conversations before, but maybe if she sees me working for a goal, too, it will help her understand the work involved. Maybe. I keep hoping, and keep looking for new ways to help her understand.

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