Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Daughter was dropped off at her appointment with her counselor by one of the staff members at her program. I showed up later, having left my meeting early to get to her before her appointment was over. Her counselor thinks it's time to begin winding down therapy. She says each week it seems like Daughter is older and more mature. I'd agree with that. She'll see her again July 19 (skipping next week and then travel plans interfere), and we'll see how she's doing.
She also thinks it's time for Daughter to begin looking for a job, and thinks we should do that before she moves. I don't want her dealing with too much change at once, but wasn't sure whether it would be better to do that before or after she moves into a group home. I'm going to email her case manager, and begin the conversation about a job coach for her.
Daughter is quite proud of herself, and seems to be growing in confidence. She did acknowledge, though, that it feels weird. I'm trying not to praise her too much, as I don't want to trigger a setback. I'm cautiously optimistic, but don't want to push too hard too fast. We'll evaluate things in August.

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