Sunday, June 5, 2011


We are packing Daughter's things for camp. The people were great this morning. Many of them have been or sent children to the camp she will be going to. They filled her with stories of what a great place it is and how much fun she'll have. That definitely helped. She's still nervous, but then so am I. It's hard, trusting someone else to manage her diabetes. My week is quickly filling up-- I now have commitments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. I told someone that I was not going to do anything on Thursday evening-- I wanted one night to myself while Daughter's gone.

I looked at the lawn this afternoon and thought about my calendar, and decided we needed to get out and mow it. The good news is my lawn is getting healthier. The bad news is that it's growing rapidly, and I'm having to mow more frequently. I'm doing well if I make it 5 days right now. It isn't raining as much, so I've turned my sprinkler system on.

I hope that Daughter has a good time at camp and that things go smoothly. I think the break will be good for both of us.

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