Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Phone Call from Camp

I had a phone call from Camp Nurse a little while ago. She called me to tell me that Daughter is doing great! CN is just acting as consultant on the diabetes, Daughter is making good choices and managing it herself. She had a low this afternoon, and she managed it.

This evening they had a campfire, and Daughter challenged one of the counselors to a rap contest. According to CN, Daughter won. She said Daughter involved the others and it was a rap about faith. It was very hot today-- heat index was over 100. Daughter got overheated, but recovered.

CN said I am the only parent she called, but she knew I was worried, and she wanted me to know that Daughter is doing great. Tonight, I'm grateful. Tomorrow I won't be anticipating problems, waiting for the phone to ring. I am enjoying setting my own schedule and not worrying about her needs. I'm delighted to hear that she is being responsible and doing well.

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