Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Meeting

Last night was our monthly board meeting. It was a great meeting. We have revamped meetings, and reports and routine business are now addressed in one motion in a consent agenda at the beginning of the meeting, leaving the majority of the meeting for education and planning for the future. Last night we were done with our meeting in an hour, the shortest meeting we've had since I've been there.
We discussed an article I'd found on using teams in congregations. At our retreat in January, we had discussed the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and identified our weaknesses as a team. The board decided we've made good progress in working as a team and that as a result the congregation is moving forward in exciting ways. The article talked about the importance of looking at the needs of the team when recruiting new members. We decided that at our next meeting we will look at who is rotating off the board and what our needs are for next year and give that information to the nominating committee. That may seem obvious, but it's not something that has ever been done here before.
One of the board members is on his way to his cabin near Daughter's camp today. He's going to drop her off a flashlight, since that is the one thing we forgot to pack. She will be delighted.

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