Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Knowing Too Much

Sometimes I think I know too much. Today I went to see a woman in the congregation who was struggling with an issue. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Yesterday she woke up at 3:30 in the morning and by 5:30 had all the laundry done. Today she was up at 5:00. She had a new recipe for me to try prepared and in the refrigerator with the kitchen cleaned up before 9:00. She says when she wakes up, she can't stop her mind from racing. I asked her what she's on for her bipolar disorder. She's on an antidepressant. She called her doctor once because she didn't think the medication was working anymore, and they told her that she was on the maximum dose of the only medication there was for bipolar. She's never seen a psychiatrist. Sigh.
I suggested that her family doctor can't keep up with everything, and it might be a good idea to see a psychiatrist. I told her that there were medications that would help stabilize her mood. I tried to hide my horror that she was being treated with a medication that could trigger her mania. I did suggest that while it was fine if she chose to get up that early in the morning, it should be her choice and not something she was forced to do because of her illness. I think she's going to follow up and find a psychiatrist. I hope she is, anyway.
I heard much more of her story and pain, and we talked about a situation that has hooked her and why it has hooked her. I am always honored when people share their stories with me.

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