Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday I read an article that asked what one item was the keystone, that when it got out of control sent the rest of your life spiraling out of control. As I pondered that, I realized that at home my keystone was medications. When I don't keep the weekly pill boxes filled, the huge basket of medications sits on the kitchen table, so I can easily get at Daughter's morning and evening pills. Camp, with the requirement that her medications be in their original bottles, has thrown off my system of filling 4 weeks of pill boxes every time I pick up prescriptions. When I got home today, I filled 2 weeks worth of pill boxes for Daughter and counted out the pills she'll need for camp and put them aside. I filled a week's worth for me, and will do more once I get some things I was missing. The basket of meds is now put away, and I feel more in control of things here at home.
As I pondered what the keystone was at church, I decided it was sitting with Administrative Assistant to go over calendar and plan out our work. We didn't do that last week, and it may have been several weeks. I was surprised to realize I had a huge meeting this morning, and didn't feel well prepared. The Holy Spirit came through, and it was a productive meeting and I'm excited about the plans we made. It sounds like people are getting on board with the plan, which is good.
As soon as the meeting was over, Administrative Assistant and I sat down and looked at calendar for the next 2 weeks. I set aside some time to do several visits, and she's calling to set those up. While I was at the meeting AA called and cancelled an appointment for Daughter that was scheduled for next week when she's at camp. I've been thinking about doing it at the wrong times for the last two weeks.
It went from a morning I was feeling overwhelmed to a productive afternoon in which I felt like I was able to accomplish some important things. I've done my part for the bulletins for the next two weeks, so I don't have to worry about another one until August 14. That feels good. It feels very good. I'm now feeling like I may be able to manage the work between now and the time I leave town.

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