Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too Busy

I've been too busy the last day or so to miss Daughter-- or to post, apparently. I had a brief conversation with her yesterday evening. She was crying and insisting she had to come home because she had a stomach ache. I offered sympathy, suggestions, assured her I had confidence in her ability to manage the situation, and told her I loved her and looked forward to seeing her Thursday evening. I was pulling into a retreat center for a peer group retreat at the time.
I think she's adjusting well. The dietitian took the menu they are supposed to be using over to the home yesterday and delivered it. It has all the carbs on it and should make diabetes management much easier. It may help the other diabetic resident if they are using an appropriate menu.
I'm off to breakfast now, and then a morning of content and reflection with my colleagues. Just wanted to post quickly so you'd know things are fine.

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maeve said...

Good to hear from you. Busy...too busy to a great thing. Sounds like things are going really well.