Monday, November 14, 2011

A Better Call

Daughter called right after the funeral (she tried to call during, but of course the ringer was off on my phone). She sounded happier, and she didn't try to convince me she didn't belong or I needed to come rescue her. I told her she should be grateful, as I had 2 meetings tonight and I wouldn't have to drag her with me.
Even with losing 3 hours to a funeral and spending time on two extended conversations, I have had a fairly productive day. Now I'm headed home for supper, and then will be back for a round of evening meetings.
I've also spent some time on emails regarding Daughter's diabetes situation. I now have the menus, and will be taking some time to look at them, probably this evening. I think I got their attention. Unfortunately, the training for staff won't be until a week from today. We'll figure it out eventually....

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maeve said...

Three cheers. Things are getting better for her. And for you. You must be feeling positive this early in the game. Hooray!

Do you want to come to my tornado? I'm watching the evening news. Think I'll go watch mindless TV.