Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Easing Into It

We certainly didn't ease into winter this year. A couple of men came by and offered to clear my driveway for $15. I took them up on the offer, and after they finished, I headed into the office. I was amazed, because the main road at the corner had not been plowed. It was a mess. The signal lights were plastered with snow, with a little bit of the light showing at the top. If I'd known how bad the road was going to be, I would have stayed home.
The church parking lot had been plowed-- twice I was told. It seems the company we cancelled after last year is trying to keep the job. One of the reasons we didn't renew with them is that we had heard various stories of unethical dealings by them. One of our men came over and cleared the walks for us. I had been prepared to clear the sidewalk when I got there, as I often did last winter.
Daughter called several times. The third time she wanted me to come get her because she was bored and needed to get out of there. I refused, of course, and again expressed confidence in her ability to figure things out. I haven't heard from her since.
It has been a productive week, which is good, since tomorrow I'm off to an all day workshop. Of course, I've figured out Christmas Eve worship but don't have a sermon for this Sunday. Minor details.

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