Friday, November 18, 2011


Sister has moved out from the house she shared with her ex-husband. Originally they were going to do holidays together this year for the sake of Short Niece, but this week he changed his mind and uninvited Sister to Thanksgiving. He has also claimed Short Niece for the day. So today Sister and I decided to join Brother and his in-laws for Thanksgiving. I'll pick Daughter and Sister up and take them.
Originally I was going to join Sister Best Friend on Thanksgiving Day, and then Sister and Short Niece were coming here on Friday. Now we'll be together Thursday, so we'll have Friday to begin decorating the house for Christmas.
Daughter doesn't know about the change in plans, so I'll tell her tomorrow. I think she'll be happy, because she'll get to see her youngest cousin.
Tomorrow we're going to a football game at the university. That will be fun, though cold.

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