Monday, November 21, 2011

The In-Service

We trained the staff about Daughter's needs today. I started with her emotional needs, and how important it is for her to feel safe. I explained her hyper-vigilance, and how she picked up on everything. I told them that she believes she is too much work and staff is quitting because of her and that it's her fault that they are short of staff. I also explained why she needs to continue in her program for now.
Then we talked about diabetes. I contradicted the dietitian several times, and I prevailed. The diabetic diet used to be based on exchanges, which were approximations. Daughter's diet is based on a strict counting of the grams of carbohydrate in her meals. Her insulin is figured based on her blood sugar and the carbs she is eating.
I was pleased with what got communicated, but not so thrilled with how passive most of the staff was. I think there are some problems in the staff. I hope that the new manager is able to get a handle on things soon.
Daughter wanted me to read them the riot act. I told her that wasn't necessary. I hope I'm right.

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