Friday, November 4, 2011

Eight Hours

In 8 hours I will be leaving to drop Daughter off for the weekend. Case Manager called this morning. She didn't know that things weren't ready for Daughter's weekend visit. She's going to try to figure things out before she heads out for a day of visits in a few minutes. I suspect I'll end up looking like an overly anxious, overly protective mother again.
I wonder how many of these people would leave their child someplace that wasn't prepared to manage their medical and emotional needs? Daughter is home with me today, so it will be a challenge to deal with these issues without her finding out how concerned I am about them. It could be a very interesting 8 hours.


Miz Kizzle said...

What? None of the other residents are on meds? A nurse should know how to handle the insulin dosage. My cleaning helper is training to be a vet tech and she gives insulin to everything from guinea pigs to bulls with no problem. Granted, the animals' diet is not like your daughter's but it's not rocket science figuring out the correct dosage.
Here's to a good visit.

Reverend Mom said...

The dietician is going to give them carb information for everything on the menu. They keep talking about how they have a "really bad diabetic" in the house already. But they aren't familiar with counting carbs and figuring insulin based on carb. I think what they have is a poorly managed diabetic in the house, possibly because they aren't doing those things. I've had several conversation this morning, and I think it will work. I would have more confidence, though, if they didn't talk about scrambling to get things done. I'd be more confident if they had recognized the needs and dealt with them without me having to growl....