Thursday, November 3, 2011


This afternoon I have been corresponding with Nurse on Daughter's visit to the residential facility tomorrow. Email on medical issues from Nurse has to be secure because of hippa, so retrieving the email involves going to a secure website and logging in-- via my android. Not a fun or easy thing to do.
She called Administrative Assistant to have her fax the orders to her. She was surprised that I thought staff should be trained before Daughter arrives tomorrow. She doesn't think she'll be able to do that. After looking at the orders, she decided maybe they should just call me before every meal to calculate the insulin for them. I told her I am willing to do that, but I will need carb information on the meals. That's a problem. Then she tells me I have to get our pharmacy to bubble wrap her meds. I called the pharmacy. They don't do that.
I gave her a document outlining what the orders would be on Monday. I gave it to her then so she would have time to look it over and determine what training staff would need. Obviously that didn't work.
Mama Bear is not happy right now. Not happy at all....


maeve said...

Grrrrrr. I'm sorry and having a similar day with the Wooster schools. Sometimes I think that they make it hard to make us quit. I'm not quitting and neither are you. We are Mama Bears!

Reverend Mom said...

Yes we are! They have some hard lessons to learn if they think we'll quit!