Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The snow on my picnic table is 13" deep. I went out and measured it this morning. All the area schools are closed. Supposedly at 9:00 things are going to be miraculously better because the temperature will be above freezing. That means the temperature needs to go up at least 7 degrees in the next 20 minutes. Seems unlikely to me. I called Administrative Assistant and instructed her not to try to be in the office by 9:00. She protested a bit, but I pointed out that this is why we work ahead.
It is a wet, heavy snow, so I really don't want to try to shovel it out of my driveway. I'm hoping that that the weather forecasters are correct and it will melt away quickly this morning. I'm a little skeptical, though. Daughter was cheerful when she called this morning. It was nice to get a happy call from her for a change. I think I'm going to make an effort to make our conversations longer when she's happy and cut them off when she's telling me how terrible life is. It might work, but it will take her a while to figure it out. Cause and effect is not her strong suit, to say the least.

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