Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I'm off to a workshop at a conference center less than 30 minutes from here. While I am being educated, I will work very hard at not worrying about whether or not the staff will be educated prior to Daughter's arrival at the group home tomorrow evening. I got the medical orders yesterday, but no one seems to be concerned about having them before tomorrow night. If I were a just above minimum wage employee, I'd feel pretty intimidated if orders that included an insulin to carb ratio and a correction factor were sprung on me 30 minutes before I was expected to follow them.
I want Daughter to feel safe and comfortable there tomorrow. That won't happen if the staff is not comfortable and competent with handling her diabetes. She will pick up on their discomfort, and won't feel safe. I've explained all of this, but I'm not sure they believe me. Letting go is very hard.

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