Friday, November 11, 2011

The First Calls

I got a call from the home before supper. Daughter's blood sugar was 76, so they were asking how much insulin they should give. Of course, they didn't know the carb content of the food. The dietitian didn't give them the carb content for steamed potatoes. They knew the carb content for 1/2 a cup of peas. I had asked for the information to be placed on the menu. I guess I expect too much. I told them not to give her any insulin, since I wasn't going to guess and have her go lower.
A couple of hours later, Daughter called. They said she had to take a shower every day. She didn't want to take a shower every day. I told her that a shower every day was good for her, and she'd be all shiny and clean. Then she informed me that for bedtime snack they gave her sugar free jello. She told them she needed carbs, but they didn't listen. Her blood sugar was 130 (I was glad I told them to skip the insulin at supper). I asked to speak with a staff member. I told her Daughter had to have more than sugar free jello for a bedtime snack, or she'd go low. She was going to give Daughter some cheese crackers.
I am frustrated. Twice I have explained that they need nutrition information, and asked that it be placed on the menu. I've explained why it is important. My concerns are being dismissed. Daughter told me tonight, "I'm not safe here. They don't know how to take care of me." That was what I was trying to avoid. I may have to go over there and figure out the nutrition information myself. I'm not very happy about the situation. The problem is I don't know when I'll do it. I have a meeting all day tomorrow, multiple commitments on Sunday, and a funeral on Monday.
On a cheerier note, I had a wonderful evening out. We went to a craft show, a variety store, and then to a wonderful bar and grill for a great meal. None of us intended to eat our entire meal, and we all did. They were delicious. I also got some Christmas shopping done. It was a fun evening, even with the phone calls.

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