Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Phone Calls

Yesterday evening when Daughter called, she wasn't crying or angry. She has asked about participating in more of the activities and outings there. One of the staff members had done her laundry for her (which she hadn't done since she moved in). She asked me if she could go home early on Saturday, because she wants to go to the movie with her group. Yes, she called that place home.
What's the difference? I think she is seeing the impact of the training I did. The staff is now calling me with questions about Daughter's care. I know part of it is they are testing my assurance that they can call me any time. I'm making sure I am patient and gracious when they call. I think once they become more comfortable with things, the calls will slow down.
I also suspect Daughter wasn't getting enough of her anti-psychotic. Yesterday I wrote about how important it is to her. When the home transferred her prescriptions to their pharmacy, it filled 2 different strengths. I suspect that part of the time she was getting the lower strength pill. That left her doing more cycling and much more volatile. I suggested to one of the staff members that they take the lower strength pills out of her med box so no one gives it to her by mistake.
I have had two very productive days in the office, even with a steady stream of visitors. I've been reading a book, something I seldom do. My stress level has gone way down. I am more relaxed, and as a result, more productive. I'm sleeping better and longer at night.
I will have much to be thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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maeve said...

Hooray, you and Daughter are making progress. They'll get their stuff right and Daughter will be more comfortable. You are already settling in.

You and I are on the same path. I thought I didn't want to be on this path but I'm feeling better and better as it goes on. I'm thinking that you are as well.

Hooray for us!