Monday, November 7, 2011

A Move-in Date

This Friday Daughter will move. I'm pleased with the plans. Nurse apologized for staff's confusion. We will do an in-service early next week, and I will be there. That was not a problem. They will take over much of the paperwork and transportation. Once I complete another huge stack of paperwork, my life is going to be much easier. She will be with me every Thursday night for supper and choir-- and I won't have to do any of the transporting. She'll leave from my house on Fridays to go back to her program.
I think this is going to work.
Daughter did have one outburst during the meeting, but stayed and recovered to participate again. They were all shocked by her yelling and swearing. I assured them that was mild, she saves the big stuff for me. Once she's just visiting overnight, I shouldn't have to deal with that. I think our relationship will improve.
Another door opened for ministry: one of the men came in to talk today about his sister. He has been her guardian for over 30 years, and he needs more help. I told him how to begin to access services for her. He knows I understand. I have several folks in the congregation who are guardians, and have sought out my support/advice. People know that I understand their family challenges, whatever they may be.
This has become a crazy-busy week.


maeve said...

What a great plan! And they've been able to do it quickly so as not to drag out the anxiety. I just know that Daughter will be as happy as she can be there, and you will be at peace in time.

Reverend Mom said...

I think she'll be happy, too, once we get her moved. Right now the anxiety is making life challenging, to say the least.

Baggage said...

New to your blog..I have a daughter with RAD. Nice to "meet you"