Friday, November 25, 2011


At my first word this morning, Daughter exploded. In one of her rational moments today, she said, "I can't even control myself."
She has been out of one of her medications for almost a week. It's med that shouldn't be stopped suddenly. She is taking it for seizures, but it is also an add on treatment for bipolar. I looked it up.
The pharmacy that her home uses says my insurance won't cover it. They've been covering it at the pharmacy at the corner for over a year. I just sent a refill request to the local pharmacy. I'll pick it up in a couple of hours. Daughter was demanding to go back to the home, "where they really care about her." I'm going to honor her request. Of course, now that I'm going to take her back, she doesn't want to go back. I'm taking her back anyway. I have rights, including the right to feel safe in my own home.
I have a cake in the oven. When it comes out and I think the pharmacy has had enough time to fill the prescription, I'll take her back. She is currently crying quite noisily and dramatically because she doesn't want to go back. I'm not crying yet, but my heart is breaking, and it will be very hard to take her there and leave her without shedding a few tears.

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maeve said...

We are learning together to let go. What an amazing coincidence. Or Karma. Or something.