Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Don't Think So

Daughter was quickly yelling at me this morning. She insisted she needed to stay home today. She was too stressed to go to her program. She needed to stay home and pack. Of course, when she faces the task of packing, she gets overwhelmed. She rages, and doesn't accomplish more than wearing me out.
I sent her to her program, of course, and am very grateful I set aside this afternoon to take care of most of the details without her around. Does she really think I'm going to keep her home to rage at me? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

she wanted to stay home to play with her unearned laptop. she knows all the little tricks to get what she wants and how to pull your strings. when you don't post for a day, i worry about you. please be on guard for more severe acting out as the time gets nearer, it could be dangerous. good luck

Reverend Mom said...

She knows how to pull my strings, but she doesn't get what she wants. She knew better than to ask for computer privileges today. The computer is not going with her, so I will make use of it to work on some stuff here at home without always carting my computer back and forth. Lately the lack of posts reflects a lack of time. It's been a very busy week....