Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Roller Coaster Continues

Daughter called this morning, sounding good. She'd figured out the carbs on her meal. She said she'd slept well, "It almost felt like home." She was excited about going to a movie. That call came on my way to the meeting.
During worship I got a call from a staff member asking about lunch at a fast food place. On the way home, Daughter called again. She wanted me to come get her. They didn't go to the movie she thought they were going to see. One of the women was disruptive in the van. She's not safe. I told her that I had confidence in her ability to keep herself safe. I suggested she watch some TV. She can't find her favorite channel. I suggested she ask staff, and promised to print out a channel guide for her. I told her it was natural that there would be some ups and downs as she adjusts to the move. I promised to pick her up in the morning. She wasn't thrilled, but I think she knew I wouldn't come get her. Hopefully I reassured her.

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Sharon said...

Awww.. bless her heart.. she just really wants to make sure you're still there and available for her.