Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Daughter called before lunch today. The home hadn't given her the carb content for her lunch, and they needed to know it for insulin. I asked what she had in her lunch. She told me she had a container of yogurt which was 35 grams of carb, a ham sandwich, and cheese crackers. Somehow I think that was more than the 45 grams of carb she is supposed to have for lunch. I asked about her blood sugar. It was high, so they messed up breakfast, too. I wasn't thrilled, but I told her how much insulin to take and went back to my peer group.
This evening I got a call from a staff member. Daughter was having a meltdown and had been trying to call me but was messing up the number so couldn't get through. She put Daughter on the phone. She was sobbing. She wanted to come home immediately. She wasn't safe there. They want to pull her out of her program and send her someplace else. They were messing up her diabetes. I tried to offer reassurance and comfort. I was getting ready to lead Bible study, so going to her wasn't an option. I reminded her she'd be home tomorrow night. I told her to go get the stuffed cat Administrative Assistant made her and hug that and wrap herself in her favorite throw. She was still crying when we hung up.
I think I'll send an email off tomorrow asking that if staff isn't going to follow the diet, they at least make sure they are keeping track of carbs. I know they haven't been trained yet, but they have a diet that tells them exactly what she should have and how many carbs are in it. They need to follow the menu.
On my way home from Bible study I stopped at the store and bought some chocolate. This is hard.

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