Saturday, November 19, 2011

Football and Adjusting

I picked Daughter up this morning for the football game. I"ll take her back tomorrow after church. We really enjoyed the football game. It helped that our team won, of course.
Daughter is all over the place right now. She claims she's not safe or respected there, and then she asks to go back early. I'm using my long time method of ignoring her as she rants. Unfortunately, some of her complaints are valid. They got lost on their way to pick her up yesterday, so they didn't pick her up. Apparently staff has told her they are pulling her out of her current program. The agreement was we wouldn't talk about that until she had settled in at the house, as change is so hard on her. She also thinks staff is quitting because of her. The diabetes stuff is still a challenge, and they aren't on top of all her medication. I'm waiting patiently until we get the staff trained on Monday. They will experience the wrath of Mama Bear if they don't get their act together after the training.

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