Friday, April 1, 2011

More on the Birthday Party

So yesterday Daughter asked if she could invite a friend to the family celebration of her birthday. . "Who?" . "You'll probably say no." . "Who do you want to invite." . "B" . "No." .
B is one of the consumers in her program. She wants to be his friend, but as soon as he gets too close, she rejects him. She flirts, teases, and then rejects him. Staff has orders to keep them apart during the program. I have repeatedly explained to her that B doesn't understand "just being friends," and interprets her attention as meaning she wants to be his girl friend and have sex. She isn't being fair to him. She still wants a boyfriend, though. She wants one desperately, right up until the point there is any desire for physical contact.


She went on to explain to me that she wants to invite him because she doesn't want family coming to her birthday. Sigh. I'm sure when Sunday she'll be glad to see them. At least I hope she will.


Miz Kizzle said...

Poor B. It's not nice to tease guys like that. Maybe your DD would do better with a clearly platonic male friend. Gay guys are wonderful pals. I don't suppose there are any among the "consumers" in you DD's program.
I love those PC, Orwellian words for things.
And why doesn't your DD want family at her party?

Reverend Mom said...

She had a crush on a staff member who was gay-- but he's moved on. It would be nice if she could find someone who was looking for a platonic friendship. She would then be content.

As to the not wanting family at her birthday party, I don't know. I suspect she may not feel she deserves it. I'm not going to waste time analyzing, though, because she will be delighted when they are here.