Friday, April 8, 2011

"You Know I Hate You"

I was in the basement working on Daughter's skirt for Easter when I realized I hadn't put the cable locks on the cupboards and refrigerator, so I came upstairs (they were locked, but only with one set of locks). Daughter was in her bedroom, and I was immediately suspicious. She insisted, of course, that she wasn't into anything. I asked to smell her breath. Her reluctance told me she'd been into something. Yup, I definitely didn't smell the ice cream I'd just given her for a snack.

"What did you eat?"


"You weren't eating salt. What were you into? Do I need to go search your room?"




She had gone searching my bedroom and found the spare keys for the pantry locks. She's not even supposed to be in my room. I confiscated the keys, and located all the other spare keys I have around the house. They are now in my pocket. I'm not sure where I'm going to keep them. After confiscating the keys, crackers, and doing a quick search of her room, she announced, "You know I hate you!"

"That's okay. You can hate me. I sill love you and will work hard to keep you safe."

"Back off!"

I returned to the basement and her Easter skirt. When she got hungry, she came down to apologize. I told her I thought her apology had more to do with hunger than remorse. She didn't argue that point. I took an individual serving of Spanish rice out of the freezer and handed it to her. I made her show me her blood sugar on the meter and gave her insulin. When I finished the skirt, I came upstairs. She wanted to snuggle, so I let her lean against me as I watched TV. At bedtime her blood sugar was sky high. She insists she wasn't into anything. Of course I don't believe her. Sigh.


Miz Kizzle said...

You are so kind and patient with your DD. If it were me that Easter skirt would not get sewn for someone who professed to hate me.
When is her next visit to the supported living facility?

Reverend Mom said...

I don't know when I'm sending her there again. The acting out after her last visit wasn't much fun. She is wearing me down, though.