Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last Sunday when we walked out of church, it was snowing. Today it got up to 80. I came home from church and opened every window in the house. I dragged Daughter out of the house to play ladder ball. I also moved a bird feeder so that it wasn't over the patio. I tried to get Daughter to sweep up the bird seed, but that didn't work very well. What is so hard about sweeping? I didn't even ask her to do the entire patio-- just the bird seed by the door.

Her behavior is getting to me. I am so tired of having to double lock everything. Part of the reason I dragged her out of the house today was because I didn't trust her in it alone, and I wasn't staying inside on such a beautiful day. She asked to walk to the store today. I told her that when I couldn't trust her in the kitchen I certainly couldn't trust her to walk to the store alone. She doesn't see the connection. If she hasn't done it in the last 5 minutes, she's not doing it anymore. I've had trouble falling asleep the last two nights. Last night it was after 2:00 before I fell asleep, and I was up before 5:30. I haven't taken a nap this afternoon in the hope that I will be so exhausted I'll sleep well tonight.

This is going to be a very busy week. I broke my own rule, and have commitments 4 evenings in a row. I have a regional meeting Tuesday that I am very tempted to skip, but I'll be good and go to it. I think we're in pretty good shape for worship between now and Easter. The challenge is going to be getting ready for the Wednesday program. Last week I got a lot done on that on Monday, but tomorrow the church is going to be invaded by our building team. They are going to be rehanging things in the sanctuary, painting the upstairs kitchen, and hanging cupboards. Each one of them will have to come in and chat with me at some point. We've told the man who is over 90 and just got out of the hospital that he is not to climb up any ladders. He's not too happy about that. Each of the guys will want to stop by my study to chat at some point. I'll enjoy the conversations, but it will make getting the Wednesday program ready a challenge. The mission chair also wants to come in and talk to me about the mission meeting tomorrow evening. I'll probably hear again about how the bickering between two of the building team members drives him crazy. It doesn't thrill me, either. Hopefully they'll come to chat separately so they aren't bickering in my study.

Monday was supposed to be my reading day-- a day when I'd be alone in the church and could get lots done without interruptions. That worked for the first couple of months, but now everyone knows it's an opportunity to stop by and chat without other people around (except the other people who have come by to chat). I'm not going to discourage the drop-ins, because important conversations are taking place. It's part of getting to know the congregation. It's part of ministry. Interestingly, it's the men who drop by on Monday-- I guess that way they figure no one will know they're coming to talk to the pastor. A good night's sleep and I'll be ready to go.

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