Friday, April 8, 2011

55 and Partly Sunny

I had a funeral yesterday. When I looked at the weather forecast, it was supposed to be partly sunny and 55, so I decided I wouldn't need a coat for the committal service at the cemetery. The funeral was at 11:00, so it would be almost noon by the time we got to the cemetery, after all....

It was damp, gray, and 39 when we got to the cemetery. Fortunately, it didn't take long at the cemetery. It did warm up some and we did see the sun in the afternoon. I ended my day by holding a beautiful 3 week old baby in my arms last night. It was a good day.

I have dropped Daughter off at her program and I will be heading to my sewing area in the basement. I'm hoping I can finish her Easter outfit today and get started on an outfit I'm making for Baby Nephew. Right now, though, I'm enjoying watching cardinals and yellow finches at my bird feeders. It's nice to see a splash of color on a rainy, gray day.

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