Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boys and Spring

The building guys were back today with a rented machine to scrape the carpet off the concrete floor in the nursery. They have been working hard, and loving every minute of it. Two of them are in their 60's, two in their 70's, and one each in their 80's and 90's. They sweat and puff and pant and have a glorious time. As 3:00 approached one of them came upstairs to get me. They were almost done removing the carpet, and decided I needed to do a strip. They also decided they needed to take multiple pictures of me wrestling the equipment for a few feet. Tomorrow they plan to lay new laminate on the floor. I predict they're going to be too sore and tired. They said they'd let the younger guys carry the load tomorrow. I suspect that at least one of the pictures they took of me will end up in the PowerPoint announcement loop before worship Sunday. I won't be around to see it, as we're having a pulpit exchange. I was more than willing to give them the thrill of taking a picture of the preacher operating machinery. I need to keep them happy as many more projects are in the offing. I'm sure they all went home and told their wives about me wrestling with the equipment.

I saw the first dandelions of spring today. I also decided I needed to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, my lawn mower didn't agree. I could get it to start, but it would die immediately. I knew it was on its last legs-- after it was repaired last fall the best it could do was sputter through the job. I'm going to check out prices on line and will probably buy one tomorrow. Maybe after I check out prices on lawnmowers I'll check out prices on lawn services....

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