Saturday, April 9, 2011

Different Rules

I discovered the cause of Daughter's high blood sugar yesterday evening: she'd stolen a box of thin mints out of the pantry along with those crackers. There were three cookies left when I demanded she return them. The girl scout cookies are now gone. I finished of the thin mints and the two peanut butter patties that were left last night.

I let her sleep in this morning, finally calling her a little after 10:00 (she'd gone to bed at 9:00 last night). She was obviously wide awake when she responded by swearing at me. She did get up, shower, and go for a walk with the saint who picks her up every Saturday morning. She home with a cursory, "sorry." She then sat down in the family room and watched as I began cleaning the kitchen. She was picking up on my frustration, and didn't like it. It's all right for her to swear at me, scream, throw things, slam doors, etc. It's not all right for me to be frustrated and allow that to come out in my actions-- no yelling, but I may have put some things away forcefully.

She stormed out of the house. I called her back. I'm not in the mood to go searching for her today. She told me I was scaring her. I told her she needed to go to her room if she wasn't going to help, as I didn't want her staring at me while I worked. She informed me it is Saturday and she shouldn't have to work. Except she hasn't worked all week. I told her to take the trash out Wednesday, so she emptied the inside wastebaskets and left the trash can sitting in the garage. She is refusing to do anything properly, and I've decided it's easier to do it myself. That doesn't mean I'm going to do it for her entertainment, though. I've already run the vacuum cleaner, washed dishes, and cleared off the counter. Next come the bathrooms and kitchen floor. At some point I have to go to the store today. I'm sure that will be a pleasant trip. I have to take her with me, since I can't leave her home alone. It's going to be a long day.

Time to get back to work.


maeve said...

I admire your ability to stay regulated as she pushes your buttons. She knows every trick in the book, doesn't she? Wonder what would happen if you put her on "boarder status"? I understand that there are health issues that make that difficult but, when Miss K is pushing buttons, I've learned that the less interaction there is the better off we are. Boarder status limits communication, treats, fun, etc. I'm grasping at straws here but thinking about you every day.

Reverend Mom said...

If she'd put the intelligence and energy she uses on pushing my buttons to positive....
I found a new tactic for today. I can push buttons, too. It's kind of fun!