Saturday, April 2, 2011


During Lent, I am reworking some dialogues I wrote 3 years ago for Tiny Village. Because I'm working with someone else on these and because so much of the work was already done, it means that when I leave the office on Thursday, I'm ready for Sunday. I even have the liturgy printed out and in my notebook. I don't have anything hanging over my head on Friday and Saturday. I don't have to worry about getting the sermon done. I get to relax, and truly enjoy time off.


This happened when I did the dialogues 3 years ago, too. I resolved to get sermons done early every week. It didn't happen. There are so many other demands on my time, that despite my best intentions, I would find myself finishing the sermon on Saturday night. I hope that this time it will be different. I hope that after Easter this year I will continue to get things done early. I hope that the memory of the freedom to truly enjoy my time off will be the spark I need to get things done early. I can always hope.

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