Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daughter's Cooperation

So I'm in the midst of a crazy week. Daughter, of course, has to use this week to push and test. Yesterday evening she announced, "I know why I didn't feel good and was grumpy today. You forgot to give me my pills this morning." Wonderful. I sat down to work on the funeral yesterday evening and promptly fell asleep. Daughter was waiting for her linens to finish in the laundry. She finally gave up, saying she'd just use a blanket (she didn't put her linens in yesterday morning, and it was late when we got home). When she told me she was going to bed I got up and gave her her pills, but apparently I totally forgot about her basal insulin. So this morning she triumphantly showed me the high number on her meter, and said, "You forgot to give me my Lantus last night!"


I told her that it's her body and she's responsible. She needs to remind me when I'm tired and forget things. Will she? Probably not. I am human, and sometimes it's hard to keep all the balls in the air. Administrative Assistant even suggested I lay down in the office after the funeral so I'd have enough energy for the evening round. Instead I got some work done, and decided I won't come back to the church after my visit with the new baby. Administrative Assistant will get someone to bring Daughter home and make sure Daughter packs up my computer and brings it (tight schedule tonight-- 6:15 appointment at the church that requires my computer, and I have to be in the next town by 7:00 to visit the new baby). Tomorrow is my day off, so I'll drop Daughter here in the morning and won't be back to the church (or do any work for the church barring emergencies) until 8:00 Sunday morning.

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